Minor Arcana Aces Wooden Pins

Image of Minor Arcana Aces Wooden Pins

Begin your own Fool's journey with these Wood pins, each one based on one of the Ace's of the Minor Arcana.  Each pin is an 1.5" printed on Walnut Wood - with a light gloss over the printing.  Select from one of the four suits:

​ ✨ A flower ablaze grows ever stronger. Find inspiration and passion in your work with the Ace of Wands. Let the fire of creativity burn bright!

​ ✨ The mourning dove flies before the ocean, bringing with her change, renewal and hope. Let the tides of your heart guide you to the Ace of Cups. New relationships are on the horizon!

​✨ A perfect blade of air and glass - let the Ace of Swords cut through misconceptions and doubt. Find clarity in matters of mental strife.

​ ✨ A golden coin surrounded by peonies of prosperity and good fortune. Celebrate the abundance of the universe with the Ace of Pentacles. Welcome wealth into your life!

Each pin comes with a custom backing tarot card, with a description of the symbols in the pin.